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WORK - ShowUp.tv

Time: 2010 - now
The scope of work: UX, Graphic design, Front-end, Back-end

The largest erotic site in Poland.
Millions of users and tens of thousands of visitors every day.

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The concept

Let's do uncesonred webcams!

We already knew the current showup.tv owner back in 2010 and we had the opportunity to cooperate on several smaller projects since then. One day he just came to us and said: "Guys, we let's make webcams without censorship!"

The idea for the website was very simple. We had to create a place where people could start their own live broadcasts without any censorship. Everything had to be simple - a webcam and broadband internet access were the only requirements for the end users. That's all - this is basically how the story of the largest erotic site in Poland has begun. Showup.tv today has millions of users around the world.

Version 1.0

The initial version of the site wasn't as complex as it is today. Apart from public broadcasts and tips it really didn't offer much at this time. However at that time that was more than enough! People who did not fit in the concept of "polite" webcams were increasingly willing to join showup.tv. We had all kinds of artists, musicians... and those who simply wanted to chat!




Growth and expansion

Playful approach of the website and lack of censorship turned out to a hit. The traffic grew exponentially from the initial few broadcasts up to at least a few dozen. Unfortunately it was then, when we realized, that we became the victims of our own success. Servers simply could not handle that many users. Tens of thousands of people writing and sending messages and tips at once proved to be fatal to the site's architecture. The costs of leasing servers grew exponentially - we had to act fast...

Tens of thousands users online
No delay

It was then when we proposed our client a very radical solution. We decided to replace PHP scripts with something else - a dedicated server application. The whole system would now resemble the popular instant message communicators like "Skype" or the legendary "ICQ". For sole purpose of showup.tv we have design a proprietary TCP/IP data protocol and multi-threaded server application based on Java platform. This is how our "Callisto" software was born.

Callisto meant for us an incredible leap in quality. Now we were able to handle tens of thousands users without any problem. The new technology also improved the operation of the website - communication now took place in real time, without any delays. Not to mention that the mood our client improved a lot ... the risk paid off, and we could now focus on new functionality.

Version 2.0

For the second version showup.tv, we have redesigned the whole user interface and improved a lot of functionality. A the same time a huge advertising campaign echoed throughout Poland. Website was mentioned in many TV programs on multiple stations like TVP, TVN24 (mostly because of its controversial character)

You can probably assume that no one has yet gained
so many benefits of a banner campaign
like Showup.tv did

Third version

History does not end here... we still keep writing it. Currently, further development takes place and new interesting features are being prepared for all showup's users. Our company is also responsible directly for technical support and moderation of the site. Our employees continuously monitor all broadcasts ensuring an adequate level of service and safety of all users.